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  • I recently set up my e-commerce store. Everything seems to be working fine except when I got to view products on site just like a customer would, it’s cutting off the pages. I have several categories and If I click on say “Necklaces” I go to view them and it would let me go past page 4. Each Category it’s cutting the pages off. In Scarf category it won’t let me go past page two. HELP!!! Very new to wp.

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  • I might be able to help if you provide a link to your site — that way I could see the problem for myself.

    Great! Here is the link

    Then, just click on any of my product categories. I have like 160 necklaces listed and it will show 10 necklaces per page but it stops at like page 4 which would only be 40 necklaces. It’s doing this in every category.

    Thanks so much. I hope you can help.

    Are you using wp e-commerce?

    Your site isn’t really loading for me so I can’t look into it too deeply. Do you have pagination activated?

    Yes, I’m using wp e-commerce and I do have the pagination activated. I wonder why it’s not loading for you. I just logged on and came right up. Hmmm….I hope that doesn’t mean more problems.

    Ummmm, hate to say this, but I went to go look at your page. It is still trying to connect, and the white page of death is sitting there staring at me. And then I get this:

    Title I see in the tab: 500 internal server error

    “Internal Server Error

    The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

    Please contact the server administrator and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

    More information about this error may be available in the server error log.
    Apache Server at Port 80″

    Please don’t beat the messenger.

    Ok. Not sure what happened last night, but I logged on this morning and it’s up and running. So, if either of you still have a moment to check out I would be very grateful.


    I can get to your site. The home page looks good. You have two problems when I try to go view your products. I tried looking at necklaces, long necklaces, and bracelets. I’m assuming the problems will be happening with all the product pages.

    The first problem is that the navigation that was on the left hand side of your page on the home page goes directly to the middle on the product pages. I’m thinking you still want that navigation on the left hand side, so people will automatically start seeing the product near the top instead of having to scroll down.

    The second problem is that I don’t see any products when I go to the second page, third page, and etc. You already said you already have many more listed than what is being shown.

    Hope that helps some.

    @biblestudies ~ Yes, those are the problems. Anyway to help me resolve them?

    Not really sure how to solve. Here are some ideas.

    The left hand side bar would be handled by the css and php in the style sheet and templates under appearance – editor in the dashboard. If you know html or css coding and tried to put some directly on your page, check the coding. An extra <div> can mess up your layout. Just because you are new to WP, doesn’t mean you are new to coding. That is why I mentioned it. I’m going to assume you didn’t mess with any of that.

    The problem should lie with a plug in or script you entered.

    I believe you are using the default theme twenty eleven. I know not all plug ins will work with all themes. I would think most if not all plug ins would work with the default theme, but maybe not.

    Check the pagination plug in first. I haven’t used a pagination plug in, make sure you entered the information in correctly. It could be as simple as that. It could have had a bad install, or just not working with the theme or other script on the site. You might have to use a different plug in that basically does the same thing. That will hopefully solve the problem of not being able to go to the next page.

    Who knows it could be interfering somehow with the left side bar also. If the pagination didn’t interfere with the sidebar, check the rest of your plug-ins also. At minimum deactivate them, and see if there is a difference. At maximum uninstall, check and then reinstall. I don’t think you would have to go that far.

    The other thing to check is any scripts and java scripts you put on your products page. You could try taking a product page, removing the script, and seeing if it solves the problem. If not, you can replace the script, and check the next one.

    Those are the simple things you can do. Other than that, it gets into coding.

    Maybe someone else has some ideas.

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