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  • Whenever I try to save any settings I get forwarded to the ‘write post’ page and nothing happens.
    Also when I go to ‘write page’ I get forwarded to the ‘all settings’ page, if I click ‘save settings’ on that page I get on the ‘new page’ page.
    I don’t have any other problems and I tried deactivating all plugins.

    I hope my post isn’t to confusing, English is not my native language.

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  • Hi there

    Sorry I can’t really help you but I noticed you havent had a reply after a month!!! And here I was getting frustrated at not getting a response to my question after a week.

    I found your message because I’m having a ‘save settings’ problem but it’s different to yours. I just cant get any changes in my settings page to actually stick. So… a simple thing – I want the comments to show newest first but it ignores my setting and shows newest last. NO matter what I do. What nonsense!!!!

    As for your issue – I can only suggest you do a clean install of your WordPress and see if you’re still having a problem.

    Also – if you post a problem again maybe give more detail like what version of WordPress you’re using and what plugins you had running etc. It might help – then again – it mightn’t make a blind bit of difference!!!

    Or, like me, you might want to consider trying some other CMS/Blog software. I’m running into so many errors and issues with WordPress 2.7 (and no-one seems to know anything or care LOL) that it’s becoming a problem for my clients – therefore my business.

    Good luck tho.

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