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    Ever since the update to (3.9-alpha-27234) I can no longer save my admin color scheme selection. I can change the color fine, but when I hit save it goes back to the default color. I’ve disabled all the plugins and still no luck. It seems like something changed in the new alpha version that affected my site like this. Do’s anyone have a solution for this problem ??

    Thank you..

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  • Moderator Jose Castaneda



    What plugins are you using?

    I can replicate it by activating the debug bar extender and RTL tester.

    Thank you for responding to my problem, it is greatly appreciated. Regarding the plugins, I currently have 34 of them and to try and solve the problem, I disabled all of them. Even with them disabled I still couldn’t get the color scheme to save. As I said, I can change the colors and see the changes, but for some reason they will not save. I can email you the list of plugins as a screen capture, but would need you address to do so.

    Thank you for in advance for taking the time to help, it is greatly appreciated.

    Moderator Jose Castaneda



    Is this a localhost setup? If it is have you tried to do a clean install?

    Originally, it was setup via cpanel. After about a month I switched to Beta testing. It ran fine until the upgrade beofore these last 2 after that it wouldn’t save the scheme at all.

    Now, when you say a clean install, you mean 3.8.1 release or the current alpha release ?? Also, are you saying to update the database as well or simply the WP files ??

    You can skype me at bigjake363 if you have skype as I’m sure the moderator will want us to take this elsewhere soon.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon…..

    One other thing, I’d hate to lose everything I’ve done so far if this clean install will remove all my theme setup and more…

    Moderator Jose Castaneda



    One way I can think of would be to transfer all files except those in the wp-content from a fresh copy of the most recent alpha.

    I found a patch posted in the alpha support forum and applied it to the suggested files and it fixed some of the problems, but not all of them. It wouldn’t allow me to change and save all the colors. I was happy with that until this morning when the alpha update came in and now I am back to where I was.

    I deleted the beta plug in so I can at least keep the fix I did the other night but I’m still getting updates, which is driving me nuts as well.

    So, back to the drawing board again.

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    WordPress Dev

    I tried that and it works some what. Not all the colors can be saved and whenever a new alpha update comes along, it removes all the new code and goes back to the old code. Any suggestions at this point ??

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    bigjake36 – You misunderstand what that ticket means 🙂 It means “Yes, we know it’s a bug, we’re working on a fix, and when the ticket is closed, WP core will be fixed forever.”

    I’m marking this resolved because once there’s a trac ticket, that’s what we do in this section of the forums.

    Thank you and I understand. Based on the current fix, it still doesn’t solve the issue. I am still unable to save any of the basic color schemes other than the default. I still have the same problem as the original issue even will all the plugins disabled WP will not save the selected color scheme to the profile. I will say the icon’s in the left column do change colors but not the rest of the scheme. So, based on the ticket, the issue is still there even with the fix installed.

    If I apply the fix – 27175.5.diff I can get the scheme to save the basic colors. Of course it will it will not save the plugin schemes, but that’s the authors problem. The other issue is although this works the nightly update removes the fix and I have to re-edit the files all over again.

    Maybe this will point to the right direction ??

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