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  • Hello. I wonder if someone can help me. I am trying to install WP with 1and1 hosting. I have tried automatically letting the config file run but without success. I then manually entered the details, checked and re-checked but if I try and point to my site it just tells me that there is an error establishing a DB connection.

    I am using Filezilla on a Mac and here is a copy of my config file

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    // ** MySQL settings - You can get this info from your web host ** //
    /** The name of the database for WordPress */
    define('DB_NAME', 'db463029262');
    /** MySQL database username */
    define('DB_USER', 'don't post that here');
    /** MySQL database password */
    define('DB_PASSWORD', '********'); 
    /** MySQL hostname */
    define('DB_HOST', 'honestly don't);
    /** Database Charset to use in creating database tables. */
    define('DB_CHARSET', 'utf8');
    /** The Database Collate type. Don't change this if in doubt. */
    define('DB_COLLATE', '');

    I am beginning to wonder if its a problem with where I have put WP on the Host. I uploaded it to the root directory but the remote site address in Filezilla reads the user name ie /u1234567/

    Its driving me nuts 🙁 and I would appreciate any help you can give.

    Thanks, Graham

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    Hello. I wonder if someone can help me. I am trying to install WP with 1and1 hosting. I have tried automatically letting the config file run but without success.

    Have you spoken with 1and1 hosting? It sounds like either the generated wp-config.php has the wrong information in it or that database really has not been setup yet. They should be able to assist you with the mysql part.

    I am curious, does 1and1 not have an automated easy install for WP?
    Are you moving from one place to another?

    I’m having a similar problem (manually installed WP and get error establishing a DB connection). I’m thinking that the problem is that I didn’t install WP in the root directory, but rather in a subdirectory called wordpress. At any rate, I have tried both using the WP utility to create the wp-config.php file and simply creating in a text editor and uploading it. Nothing works.

    Might be worth giving 1&1 a call if you haven’t resolved the problem. I’ve just had a similar issue (couldn’t run the install file) and having spoked to their support folks, it appears to be a problem at their end, rather than anything I’d screwed up during the install.

    As we speak, I’m waiting to see if the fix they’ve run on their server has resolved the issue.

    Well, I just noticed the email from WordPress of the message you sent me.
    I did not realize this is still existing problem. My question above to his question never was answered.

    With the hosting at WHW1, I simply go their fast install icon, Click on WordPress, enter my sites title, and boom the whole wordpress is installed and ready to use. Runs flawlessly. I don’t see any reason to manually install or upload WP.

    In your case dojoge1, it sounds like WP cannot find your DB, and so probably wrong path indicated. Unfortunately, you will need to manually handle this and probably edit the config file that indicates the path, after you determine the correct path.

    For questions about particular hosts and installing WP, please ask them. If anyone has a specific question about installing WP, please start a new thread. This one is now quite jumbled up and off the topic of the OP – now closed.

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