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  • hi all,
    I just intalled WP on my test environment (win xp).
    It’s really a good piece of software, I enjoy it and it run very well.
    Pingback is exciting, I tested it between some test posts on my test install and are working very well.
    But I want also trackback. I tested it with some post on my installation but I can’t run it anyway…
    Each post shows its own trackback url but, when I trackback from another post Nothing appear on the comments…
    I think is something wrong with the trackback url.
    It is something like http://localhost/digitaldivide/wp-trackback.php/11
    but I have not mod_rewrite on nor any permalink option enabled so what that /11 rapresent?
    please help me!
    WP is perfect for my needs but I want trackback 😉

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    If I could see your site, I could try to help more ?
    I could try to trackback one of your entries on my blog ?

    Unfortunately I’m running it on a local lan, I’ll see if I can get this baby out to the internet…
    Thanks, I’lltry it an let you know what happened 😉
    just to check if I understood:
    Without that changes WP can’t have trackback running without mod_rewrite enabled, right?

    Thanks, I changed the function but it doesnt seem to solve the problem:
    (running WP version 1.0.1)
    I tried with a friendof my: my WP correctly sends the trackback to a post on his site.
    The problem is I can’t “receive” (or at least I can’t see) trackback from another post…
    Any hint?

    Just an update:
    In the db, table wp_comments, column comment_content, the trackback I received are inserted.
    So it looks like is a “display” problem: when I read the comments WP shows ‘regular’ comments, pingback but not trackback…
    could it be?

    An other update:
    In the db, table wp_comments, when the comment is a trackback (I believe they are marked with <trackback />) the column comment_post_ID contains 0 instead of the real post_ID.
    Then, when wp shows the comments related to this post that trackback comments aren’t picked up…
    Now I’ll try to investigate why the post_ID isn’t inserted in the table..

    So the problems seems to be in wp-trackback.php:
    the post_ID is taken from $tb_id as in the following lines:

    $tb_id = explode('/', $HTTP_SERVER_VARS['REQUEST_URI']);
    $tb_id = intval($tb_id[count($tb_id)-1]);
    $comment_post_ID = $tb_id;

    Now, is obvious that if we have the trackback url formatted as:
    nothing meaningful can be ‘exploded’
    I tried changing the explode(‘/’ with explode(‘p=’ but without any result…

    Interesting how the same problem can get so different answers:
    Bad trackback link. mod_rewrite problem ?

    @_mf__: yes 🙂
    Now I solved the problem:
    As far as I understood the problem was that all the WP function dealing with trackback are written as we can use the mod_rewrite.
    So the post_id wasn’t passed to the wp_trackback.php file…
    Now I changed the trackback() function in function.php file and some lines in wp_trackback.php…
    At this time the trackback are working…
    I’ll tweak some things then I’ll post here my changes…

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