• Hi guys!

    Congrats on the rebranding! Best of luck.

    I run iThemes Security on many of my blogs, and on one of them, I’ve run into a problem… I try to perform a backup, but it keeps giving me this message:

    Something went wrong with your backup. It looks like another process might already be trying to backup your database. Please try again in a few minutes. If the problem persists please contact support.

    Any idea how to “kill” this process? I tried uninstalling, but it didn’t work. Sounds like it’s somewhere in the database.


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  • Neither mine. Unfortunately, this advice didn’t solve my problem.
    How can I fix this?

    iThemes Security’s backup features are still not working on 3 of my sites, even after WP 3.9 updates — 2 on different DreamHost accounts and one on GoDaddy. Closest they come are emails claiming that backups are attached but with zero attachments. So I’ve disabled the iThemes Security backup functionality and installed “UpdraftPlus – WordPress Backup and Restoration” which works like a charm sending scheduled backups — not just of the database but of the entire site if I so choose!


    i have backed up through c panel, does this do the same thing?

    Reh Boot


    Maybe it helps to set the permission of the directories (ithemes-security/backups) to 770. It depends on the server configuration.



    Hi, I have tried the methods listed (i.e. creating directory, tried setting to 750 and 770), but still not working for me as well.



    I was able to get my backup working (among other things for iThemes Security) by creating the folder as described by @robwakeman above.

    As soon as I created the folder /wp-content/uploads/ithemes-security/backups and set permission as 750, I got an email with the backup and other email updates about a blocked IP address and files that were changed.



    Hi, i still have the problem. I have the last version of iTheme, i create the folder /wp-content/uploads/ithemes-security/backups and set permission as 750… But still nothing happened.

    No email and no local backup.. just that damn message:Something went wrong with your backup. It looks like another process might already be trying to backup your database. Please try again in a few minutes. If the problem persists please contact support.

    Thank for your help 😉



    i delete the plugin and re install it and now everything works 🙂

    Well I see three problems here that should be fixed:

    1. There doesn’t seem to be any attempt to create the backup path. Therefore the mentioned path /wp-content/uploads/ithemes-security/backups has to be created manually.
    2. You can set an individual path for your backups at “Backup Location” in section “Database Backups” on the settings page, but this parameter is ignored completely and only the hardcoded default path above is used.
    3. As the backups are therefore stored in a public accessible path I think we have a privacy and maybe security issue here.


    Hello all
    I also had a problem with backup function. I wanted to set only the local backup but in the directory above _public_html. Unfortunately this setting does not work. I checked in the database if there is somewhere location I’ve entered in plugin settings. Unfortunately I have not found it. I searched the plugin files and I found the entries for this function in the file better-wp-security/core/class-itsec-core.php in line 87. I edited this line with my location and now it works perfectly.

    Backup Location is ignored
    Backup Method is ignored

    @szymon.kuczmierczyk: I saw that line too and also thought about changing that line for a second. But your approach can’t be the solution here because your setting will be overwritten with the next plugin update.



    @Ansas Meyer: You’re right.
    It seems to me that these options are ignored and settings are not written to database. Other mechanisms work and backup files are created and thrown to wanted directory.
    The creators of the plugin must improve just ignoring these settings.



    Why not just backup your files in phpmyadmin??

    @spacemadness: of course you can make a backup via phpMyAdmin or (if you have a shell access) via mysqldump, etc.

    But if you cannot run cronjobs (like me on my webspace) the backup via iThemes Security is a good way of running automated backups.

    With phpMyAdmin you would have to trigger the backups manually every time and you will forget to make them one in a while. And as far as I can say: You only need a backup if you don’t have a (fresh recent) backup.

    So let this plugin do the work (every day) for you.




    True and I guess many do not have access to phpmyadmin or haven’t learned it yet.

    I think that running it far more reliable for things and is much better than using any plugin…if at all possible.

    I am trying to learn more about mysql these days and its fun but some of the things I want to do are hard to know how.

    e.g. a comparison of two tables for differences and writing that out to a file(not export)

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