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  • Plugin Author Sayontan


    I get a 404 error when I try to access your photo directly.

    Sorry about that. I have since realized that I was using the wrong code for “album” and have found that the actual “album id” can be retrieved through Google+, so everything is now working great.

    Just out of curiosity, is this the normal protocol, to fetch the album id from the Google+ url? So far, it’s been the only way I can figure since the move to Google Photos.

    @robkm, what did you end up using for the album='whereDidYouGetThisAlbumId'?

    @chukdisc – I get the “album id” through Google+, which is a bit tedious, but it works. Here’s a step-by-step of how I do it.

    1. Go to and then click on your avatar in top right corner of the page. In the drop down menu click on the Google+ profile link right under your email address.

    2. Once at Google+ create a new post and add your photos. Be sure to create an album name right after the photos are uploaded using the top left drop down menu on the upload page. Set the post to public and then hit share. Now click on one of the photos in the post. Right under the photo you just opened is the name of the album. click on it. That takes you to the album and in the URL of that page you will see “album id” (the last set of numbers).

    3. Be sure to go back to and find the album you just created. Open it. Click on “more options” (it’s the 3 dots at the top of page) and select “sharing options.” Click on the share button.

    That should do it! To add new photos to an existing album, you can just add them through Google Photos without having to go through the above steps.


    Thank you @robkm! It works perfectly! And thank you @sayontan for the great plugin!

    By the way, I think Google should release some API soon to make embeding images become easier.

    @doantientai94 glad I could help!

    Plugin Author Sayontan


    Thank you for your step-by-step instructions!

    Unfortunately this is the ONLY way to get the album ids. For some reason, while PicasaWeb had a very easy way to make things public, Google Photos makes it nearly impossible! Several other people have vented their frustration at this:!topic/photos/WuqfNazcqh4. There used to be a way until a few months back where you could still get into PicasaWeb and make the album public, but that is gone now.

    I have been trying to build a “helper” interface for the next version of Photonic – hopefully that will cut out some of the steps that you are having to run to pull this information.



    I am trying to follow @robkm ‘s step-by-step, but even after posting my publicly shared google photos album through google+, i’m not able to get the album ID.

    Here is the album:

    Have things changed yet again, since @sayontan ‘s comment a month ago?

    Plugin Author Sayontan


    Can you use the helper that is bundled with the plugin? In your dashboard you can go to Photonic → Helpers and proceed from there?

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Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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