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  • Hi Alex,

    I’m trying to restore a backup from a live domain to my test server, I can login to the live domain as the admin and run backups with no issue, however when i load a fresh wp 4.75 and clean DB and the Darwin plugin on my test server, when I go to restore the file, I keep getting a re-direct to the restore page where it says : For security reasons, you need to authorize yourself with any username / password, having administrative privileges

    Each time i put in the correct UID and PWD from the live site, but it always redirects back to the restore.php?

    Any idea what might be happening?


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  • Plugin Author Aleksandr Guidrevitch


    Hello Tony,

    You need to put username / password of administrator user (or the user that did the backup) from the site you’ve done the backup at. If these do not work, it feels like a caching issue, or your cookies don’t get stored in the browser. Can you please reach me at ?


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    I did the backup and used the same credentials as the live site.
    I tried Firefox, IE 11 and Chrome, emptied cookies and cache and problem still exist.

    I’m reaching out to you via email for follow-up

    Hi Aleksandr Guidrevitch,

    Big thanks, for Darwin Backup Plugin.
    I use this Plugin for Multisite in WordPress and all things perfect.

    only need help for restoring my site in another host and show one page for entering username/password.
    I don’t not which username and password must be used when I get this
    For security reasons, you need to authorize yourself with any username/password, having administrative privileges at
    Thanks for all!

    Plugin Author Aleksandr Guidrevitch



    You need to use username / password from the old site
    1. either of the user who did the backup
    2. or any other administrator of the old site

    Please let me know if that works for you. Feel free to reach me at



    I forgot the admin user credentials 🙁

    Is there a way to install a backup anyway?


    EDIT: I only need the admin name.

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    Plugin Author Aleksandr Guidrevitch


    Open the archive in any text editor and search for ‘users = ‘
    It will give you array with usernames and their encoded passwords. Dont’s save it though, it might break line feeds (and the whole archive )

    Thank you. Found it. 🙂

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