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    In the previous version of WordPress I was able to re-order the slideshow by going to the media uploader and dragging/dropping the images to the correct order. Then I would “save changes” and the new order would be reflected in the slideshow.

    It seems like with 3.5 changing the order has no effect.
    The new code WordPress generates is [gallery ids="466,474,468,469,467,470,471,472,473"] so I am assuming the order is now created here, vs. behind the scenes in the media uploader.
    Is there any way to add these string of ids to the [portfolio_slideshow]? Or a way to change the order of the images?


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  • Jeremie Salza


    Same problem since the update to 3.5…



    Having the same issue since I upgraded to 3.5. Does anyone know how to reorder the images?

    so far can’t figure it out. It seemed that by using [portfolio_slideshow include=] with attachment ids I was getting the order as specied in the wp gallery., but other times it had no effect on the order. So I’m not sure how I acheived it previously,I just know I can’t duplicate it.

    this worked for me:

    Click the “Add Media” button for the post with the images you want in the slideshow.

    If the images are already uploaded, select “uploaded to this post” in the dropdown.

    Then, re order the images, but don’t insert anything into the post, just close the uploader.

    then just update the post.

    Odd that it doesn’t work if you try to reorder a “gallery”, which I always thought was the same as “uploaded to this post”.

    Thanks deepbevel for the helping hand !

    The fact is, I don’t see how you re-order the images in the uploader. I can’t drag them or anything.

    That will be the case if “all media items” or “images” is selected in the upoader, however if “uploaded to this post” is selected, you should be able to drag images.
    If not, could be any number of issues, I’d try the standard de activation of all plugins (except ps of course), then try another theme. You might also try another browser.

    That did it for me! Thanks a lot 🙂


    Plugin Contributor Dalton Rooney


    Here’s a video which demonstrates how this works in case anybody needs more help:

    Hi, I still have problems re-ordering the images. I’ve build my own theme from twenty eleven. Do I need to update the jquery or something to activate that feature?

    Are the images uploaded to the page or post, or are they selected from the media library?

    The only way I can get a specific image order is if I upload to the post or page. Then I can select “uploaded to this page” in the uploader dropdown and reorder the images.

    Otherwise I have to use image ids with the wordpress gallery shortcode order=”DESC” orderby=”modified”. If I need it more specicific I have to use orderby=”date”.

    And, it only keeps the “orderby” mark up if I update from the text editor.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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