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    Please check my site:

    I removed your plugin immediately because it is messing with all my thumbs.

    I need this plugin removed completely and permanently and a solution for all the broken thumbnails.

    What i did;
    – Deactivated plugin and removed it (after seeing it f*d up my site)
    – Cleared page cache + browser cache

    I don’t want my developer to waste time on this. Looking for an answer here.

    You as developers should know that people download this plugin because they don’t have any dev. knowledge so these problems should Not be occuring and f*ing up peoples websites.

    – How do i get my thumbs back to normal + my preview images on top of the post pages?

    Please help.

    Thank you.

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  • Hey,

    we’re very sorry you’re experiencing issues with our plugin, but honestly I don’t see how our plugin could be messing with your thumbnails.

    First, I can’t see which version of the plugin you used.

    Second, our related posts (WordPress Related Posts) are shown below the content on an individual post or as a widget. Our plugin does not change source url of any image in the post. We’re using WordPress built-in functionality to create thumbnails for related posts.

    Third, as far as I can see from the URL you provided all broken images are featured images with invalid src url:

    <img src="" class="attachment-post-thumb wp-post-image" alt="">

    Your featured images should link only to, e.g.

    but somehow WordPress upload directory is pre-pended to the src attribute:

    and thus image is broken.

    Did you by any chance update or edit your theme? Do you use some featured image/post related plugin?


    Hi Mateja,

    No changes were made other than activating and removing your “WordPress Related Posts” plugin.

    I think my theme (Hot Topix) uses a featured image/post plugin. I don’t have any additional featured image plugins installed. After looking more closely only the featured images that are hosted on cloudinary are affected. Local images not.

    I used the latest version that was available last sunday.

    Looking forward to your reply


    Ok i found an easy solution, i need to re-upload to cloudinary….

    Will take a while but at least it’s an easy fix.


    I’m glad you found an easy fix, however I’m still curious how (if) our plugin could affect your featured posts thumbnails.

    Can you please tell me how you set featured image that is used on the front page?
    I was trying to set external image (e.g. one from cloudinary) as a featured image in default WordPress installation and I was only able to either upload an image or select an existing one from the Media Library…


    Hi Mateja,

    The front page featured images are set by assigning a tag (in this case “noticias”) to a post, doing that will make it show on the front page. This theme uses the standard “featured image” feature from wordpress.

    For the thumbs i use some widget from the Hot Topix theme. For the rest i don’t really know much about wordpress :/


    If you like I can take a look at the template files, but I would need access to admin part of your site. If you feel comfortable sharing credentials for your site with me please write an email at support @ and we can continue our discussion there.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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