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  • I want to set up some static pages without the sidebar and using the full column width. How can I do this using the Librio theme?

    (I have tried the standard changes but without success. Removing the “get_sidebar” call in “page.php” gets rid of the sidebar text and widgets but its broad coloured stripe remains. Also, setting class=”widecolumn” in the “div” tag does not change the page width.)

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  • Try specifying width to,post classes like width:980px;

    Sorry, I don’t anderstand. I’m editing the page template file:
    Which bits of code in there shoud I change and how?

    could you please post the URL ?

    You say that you want to set up some static pages without the sidebar, so I am assuming that some pages will still have the sidebar. Here is what I’d do:

    1) Copy page.php to full_content.php
    2) Add

    Template Name: FullContent

    to the top of the new page right after the <?php
    3) Remove the sidebar including the whole div id=”sidebar”
    4) Add a class to div id=”content” so that you have

    <div id="content" class="full_content_width">

    5) Add

    div.full_content_width { width:100% }

    to your style.php
    6) Add your pages using the WP Pages->Add New panel selecting your new template as the template for the page– over on the right under ‘Template’.

    Hopefully that will work. It should at least get you close.

    You could add a switch to you existing page.php and avoid creating a new template file, but this way makes it easy to choose sidebar vs no-sidebar as you go along.

    There is no style.php file. There is a style.css file but I cant see where the line div.full_content_width { width:100% } would fit in.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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