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  • Does anyone have an idea whats going on with this widget issue?

    Has anyone experienced this issue before?

    There is no way to remove widgets once I’ve added them.


    This may sound basic, but the ability to edit options partially depends on the Widget itself.

    Some of them offer options on the dropdown, otehrs don’t. or else you have to edit them under the Settings or Manage sections of the Dashboard.

    Also you remove Widegts under the edit tag. It’s not drag and drop to get them off. Then save changes.

    If you’re already familiar enough with WordPress to know that, I realize that’s probably not your issue. But if not you might check that out.

    I’ve gone through all of the settings on the dashboard but nothing mentions about this widget. I don’t don’t understand why you can add the edit (and I did)… later to find out that it looked terrible, so I wanted to remove it… and now I can’t

    Do I have any options? Do I have to reinstall wordpress? It seems like such a minimal task (removing a widget) but I can’t find any documentation on how to do so….

    I’d be willing to go into the code to remove it as well (if I have too) but I can’t even find anything on this either…

    Please tell me that I have another option..???

    just delete the widget files from the plugin folder on your server and the widget is removed.

    Which folder contains the widget files that I should delete?

    wp-content/plugins/XXX – the folder with same name as widget.
    if unsure the specific widget install instructions will name the folder.

    I don’t have any folders within that folder.

    The widgets that I’m trying to remove are WP-United widgets.

    WP-Unite offers widgets such as latest posts (for your PHPBB3 Forum), Newest Member, Total Posts, etc.

    Any ideas?

    were ever you uploaded them too… get the install instructions.

    I did not upload any widgets … they came as part of the WP-United install.

    I installed them via the admin panel. This screenshot may help to represent what I’m trying to explain:

    Same issue.
    Cannot remove widgets.

    This is a clean install, not widgets installed. I am talking about META / Tag Cloud etc widgets.

    I truly despise the new widget area. Before I could drag a widget to a new sidebar and be done with it.
    On 2.5 I had to remove, lost all settings, add to other sidebar, redo all settings.
    On 2.6 the same thing is the case, only now I can’t even remove the damned thing.

    Seriously – WHY did the widget menu not go back to the 2.3.3 one which was so much more easy to use with showing all your sidebars.

    wp-united has a dedicated support forum…

    WP-United is no longer supported on that site.. seems like the developer isn’t around anymore.

    WP-United is working fine, but still can’t remove the widgets through the admin panel. Its frustrating as I’ve spent several days trying to figure this out.

    Anyone have any experience with this same issue?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 28 total)
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