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  • Same here, the problem is on or around line 123 of class-frontend.php:

    if ($fbcomments[linklove] != "off") {

    should be changed to:

    if (!empty($fbcomments[linklove])) {

    Actually, there where two places these should be changed, just so a search for $fbcomments[linklove] in the class-frontend.php file… or replace the entire class-frontend.php file with the one here:

    Same here too. I replace the entire file, but -i don´t know why- when trying to do a quick edit in WP Comments triggers a warning.

    Finding the two places in class-frontend.php and doing the change manually, works just fine.

    Had the same problem here as well, but it was a quick fix. I would recommend that @pleer and @alexmoss fix this in their next release of the plugin.

    @baden – this would not work as if the link is not selected then it is set as “off”, not simply unset.

    either way this should have been fixed in the latest update available in the repository

    Same here. I disabled the plugin and waiting for update.

    I have now updated to v2.0.4 to cater for older options that only a handful are experiencing. Please let me know if there’s still an issue…

    With 2.0.4 the problem is back (for me). It was fixed before. I can’t remove the credit link.


    Hi Alex. 2.0.4 didn’t fix the problem.

    Is the credit link option unticked in the settings page? I cannot replicate this and see many websites using the plugin where this works.

    The only way if nothing else works is to delete the line altogether. Edit class-frontend.php, search for “powered by” (there should be two instancess) and delete that line or comment it out

    >Is the credit link option unticked in the settings page?

    I checked twice. For the time being, I switched to class-frontend.php file from 2.03 (only this file) and works ok.



    I’ve got this problem too.

    I’ve never had this problem before, but I just upgraded to the latest FB Comments today and suddenly I’ve got the credit even though the Credit box has never been checked.

    So something about the newest upgrade suddenly changed the way the Credit checkbox is being handled internally.

    I had upgraded on Dec. 31st to the previous upgrade (along with upgrading to WP 3.5) and the problem did not appear then, only now.

    I tried checking the Credit checkbox, saving and then unchecking it and saving again to see if that would clear it. No.

    i am not sure why this is happening to some and not others. i have just updated the plugin again – can you please try again?


    I’ve just updated plugin on one of my blogs to 2.0.5 and credit link disappeared. So works good for me.
    Now it’s time to update on other blogs 😉

    Updated and same again. Also upgraded to 3.5. but same problem existing.
    Im using Genesis.. (can be good info to know what themes people having this problem are using).

    Alex, I just updated and now works fine, no credit link. So, fot me its ok now. Thanks for yor dedication to a wonderfull plugin.


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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