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  • I tried creating a custom widget with the My Custom Widgets plugin that would allow me to create a Google Adsense skyscraper ad on the left sidebar. It showed up really weird in internet explorer, as seen if you view it in that browser. I tried disabling the widget to get rid of it, that didn’t work. Deleted the widget via FTP, that didn’t work. Cleared my browser cache, that didn’t work. I cannot get this white block with the “Page not found” error to go away in IE, no matter what I do. It looks fine with firefox, but not IE.


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  • Er, don’t know why the link didn’t post:

    A link to the actual site might help testing it. Even though you cleared the cache, since it’s only occurring in one browser, I’d say that’s probably the problem (Sometimes the cache is just stubborn).

    Also, since this is concerning a specific plugin, it’s helpful (You’ll get answers from people who are knowledgeable about the plugin) to add the relevent tag so that it shows up on that plugin’s page. You can either do that manually (mycustomwidget) or, for new posts, by using the “Write a new topic” link on the plugin’s page.

    For some reason I thought I had the link in that post.

    As I said, the problem is only showing in IE right now.

    That iframe is loading in every browser with what looks like a 404, but every browser other than IE is making it hidden…odd. Did you remove the widget on the Appearance > Widgets page before you disabled and deleted the plugin? Maybe something got stuck.

    I did delete the custom ad widget before I disabled the plugin. That didn’t do anything either.

    Alright, looking at the various plugin settings now. You deleted the widget from the sidebar in Appearance > Widgets, deleted your custom widget in the plugin options, then disabled and deleted the actual plugin, yes? Looking at the screenshots, it seems there’s a “Deinstall” option for the custom widgets on their administration pages; that might be relevant.

    I don’t know; obviously it’s still running your custom widget when it shouldn’t even exist anymore. I would re-install the plugin and see if there’s anything you missed/haven’t tried. It never hurts to try the usual troubleshooting steps as well: disable all plugins and switch to the default theme. If all else fails, you can try asking the author on his site. I also added the relevant tag to connect this topic with the plugin page; hopefully someone has had a similar experience or the plugin author notices.

    Re-added the plugin, tried the deinstall, it doesn’t even recognize that there’s any custom widget there. Can’t find any way to get rid of it. Even switched to the default theme and switched back to see if it would go away, but nope, still there. I guess I will have to reinstall this theme. Ugh.

    I know the plugin creates the custom widget by altering my_custom_widget_classes.php (which is why you have to change its permissions when you install the plugin). So, if when you deleted the plugin, you also deleted that file, a new version of the plugin wouldn’t know about the previous custom widget you made.

    Since it’s still there regardless of what you do, I’d say the plugin stored something in your database that could be causing this. It may be set to only delete itself if you used the provided “deinstall” option on that custom widget. I think the plugin stores its information in your wp_options table. After deactivating and deleting the plugin (through the plugins page so it can run through any uninstall function, if you haven’t already tried it) you can try going into your database (being careful) and deleting any related entries (after backing up the database of course).

    Again, try contacting the plugin author. Only he truly knows everything about his plugin.

    Wow, I reinstalled the theme and the error still shows up.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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