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  • Hello!

    I’m brandnew to the self-hosted blogworld. I’m an absolute beginner and don’t know much about anything. I decided to use because I heard it’s easy even for beginners.

    Or so I thought.

    I’ve spent the last 8 hours trying to figure out this problem by myself and googling like crazy, but I have to give up now and really hope that somebody here can help me.

    I use ipage as my hoster.
    I installed WordPress there. You have to use a subdomain while installing such as
    Apparently they say you can change that later and they even have a tutorial on what to do.
    Once I get rid of the /blog part in my WordPress panel I get an error message once I hit the “save” button.
    Then when I create a domain pointer, nothing really happens.
    My blog doesn’t show up anymore and I cannot access the wordpress panel anymore either.

    I’m sorry if my description isn’t very clear. I’m tired and annoyed to no end and shortly before giving it up.

    I really hope somebody can help me 🙁

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  • You know, I’ve read the “how to give wordpress its own directory” tutorial and even googled for more detailed and dummie-proof versions, but I just didn’t get what to do. For a beginner that’s waaaay too difficult to understand! And it seems that my host is a bit different anyways 🙁

    I do get WordPress installed without any problems, but only with the /blog extension (or whatever I chose). Whenever I try to play around and change that using tutorials nothing will work anymore as in I can’t access the admin panel of WordPress anymore and also not the blog.

    Then I uninstall WordPress, install again and try again.
    Have done that around 8 times by now.

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