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    I usually do a zip extraction for the installation, but for a specific website, I wanted to do a manual extraction (because the host didn’t had installed the ZipArchive or Shell Exec). I did the extraction but I’m always having the same error without going to “Step 1” (and have the option to choose a manual installation):

    “Setup Notice:
    An error has occurred. In order to load the full installer please resolve the issue below.

    NOTICE: ZipArchive and Shell Exec are not enabled on this server please talk to your host or server admin about enabling ZipArchive or Shell Exec on this server or manually extract archive then choose Advanced > Manual Extract in installer.


    I checked the FAQ’s and I think I’m missing nothing…


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  • Plugin Author Cory Lamle


    Hey @hugoaddapters,

    On step 1 of the installer under options did you choose the option “Manual Extraction”? That is required for the step 1 by-pass the extraction process.


    I see no this option Advanced > Manual Extract

    on the page installer.php . What should I proceed otherwise?

    How was this resolved. I have the same problem i.e. no option Advanced > Manual Extract

    on the page installer.php

    see image:

    UPDATE: It appears I had exceeded my disk quota. Up the quota and the install proceeded.

    I have a large website (5GB) due to many photographs.
    1. If I try to use the Duplicator auto unzip option (either one), I get Error 500.
    2. My solution was to use the manual unzip option.
    3. Unfortunately, the Manual Unzip option is grayed out.

    How do I get the Manual Unzip option to appear?
    FYI- my work around that sometimes works, is
    a. After the error 500, I unzip the file using the file manager in the cpanel
    b. select the option to retry – sometimes the Manual Unzip option is functional, by most of the time not.


    In cpanel set php 7.2 as a current PHP version and in php options mark zip and than click on save.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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