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  • Hi.

    I am not able to preview changes to any pages, posts etc. nor view drafts on my site.

    I either get a 404 page or a WordPress page permissions error page, “You do not have permission to preview drafts.”

    I started suspecting it might be related in some way to this plugin, as I’ve just installed a local copy of the site using MAMP, which of course, doesn’t have an SSL, so have disabled the plugin. As a result, I am able to Preview Changes, and View Drafts no problem.

    I’ve tried activating Debug Mode on the live site (with the SSL), but am getting nothing in my browser console.

    Does anyone have any ideas?


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  • Can anyone help with this?

    It’s got me completely stumped.


    I am unfortunately having this issue too. I have SSL only turned on for admin pages and disabled for everything else. Trying any preview redirects me to a non SSL URL which then either gives me the “You do not have permission to preview drafts.” error or 404s depending on if the post is new or old. If I disable the plugin it all works fine again.

    Additionally I get a 404 on private published posts. I am imagining there’s more of a disconnect between logged in state between HTTP and HTTPS than from a few months ago.

    I have the same issue too. The reason for the problem is, that the login in cookie is only available for HTTPS if the admin is running with HTTPS and the front page is running with HTTP. I don’t have a solution for that except disabling HTTPS for admin.

    I feel like this was working fine a few months ago. Honestly not sure what changed. Was Chrome allowing cross site cookies between http and https?

    I am also facing the exact same issue. This plugin is one of its own kind while no other plugin is out there which has the same functionality. I’m ready to pay if any plugin have these functionalities but at least works the way it should be. Is there any way to fix this issue guys? This is sucks.
    Many great dev use this plugin on their site but no one actually take this plugin and do the minimum update it needs.

    @kristianbu: You are right mate. The only solution for now is to disable force admin for the admin pages. But this is not good to use the admin dashboard over HTTP when you have HTTPS. This is bad indeed and the plugin should needs to be updated to fix this issue.

    @isaumya: I agree. I have contacted the plugin author mvied on twitter and asked for the price to develop an update.

    I’ve removed this plugin from my site and now my whole site is on https. I don’t like to use broken plugin, a lot of risk is associated with this kind of un updated plugin.

    Good news! mvied has answered via twitter and said that he will release an update in the future for the plugin. 🙂

    That is indeed good news if he follows through. Maybe he needs donations.

    Hi All.

    This issue is no longer relevant to me (I’ve not resolved it, but it’s just not an issue I’m looking to fix). However, I’ll leave the topic open for others.


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