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  1. adamrice
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Using the current version of WP with a few plugins. It has been behaving fine, apart from my inability (after upgrading to 2.1.2) to pass tags to UTW via Ecto using Robin Lu's hack.

    I went into the editing page to add some tags to a recent post. After that, I needed to make multiple refreshes to get things to update properly. Added some tags to another post; now that post has become Private; I cannot edit any existing posts or create a new one--clicking on an an Edit or New link clearly is fetching something but nothing updates--the window doesn't so much as flash as if reloading the same page.

    On the unlikely chance this was a sporadic browser bug, I tried using a different browser than usual, and could not even log in--each attempt returned me to the login screen.

    By a bizarre stroke of luck, I DLd a copy of my MySQL DB yesterday, so I could nuke the whole thing and start over if I really wanted to, but I'd like to understand this and fix it.

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