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  • So I really wanted to try out this plugin but I can’t seem to ask one question on their forum. No, i didn’t add any links or code and all it was, was this question:

    I am creating a forum and currently using “Profile Builder” but there are not that many options for it. I use it because members don’t need to assess the backend of the site where all the Administrators are allowed, and where I do not want regular users at all. Am I able to use BuddyPress and have it accessible to front end users? I hope that all made sense?

    That is all I did and can’t so I take it that buddypress isn’t accessible to front end users which makes this useless to me.

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  • Plugin Author Boone Gorges


    BuddyPress is fully usable from the front end of the site. (That’s one of its strengths.) If you have issues with or questions about BuddyPress, I suggest you post them at; you said you “can’t seem to ask one question on their forum”, but I’m not sure what that means.

    I have tried to post a new topic and also reply to one and I can’t do either so I am unable to ask a question ion this forum … please see the photo link below to understand what I mean… I also can’t seem to post on bbPress either. Quite irritating to say the least.

    thanks for letting me know … now I’m afraid if I have any problems I can’t even ask anyone unless you allow me to here since I can’t there.

    I am using Profile Builder… Is this going to cause a problem? Also I already have users on the bbPress Forum so if I start using BuddyPress is that going to cause problems will my current users…

    Here are the plugins I am using that I absolutely need their functionality…

      If BuddyPress as these functions do I need to deactivate these first before activating BuddyPress?
      Profile Builder (wish I could add more fields in Register page)
      Front End PM
      Basic User Avatars
      bbP private groups
      bbPress Advanced Capabilities
      bbPress Pencil Unread
      Better bbPress Signature
      Breadcrumb Trail
      Front End PM
      GD bbPress Attachments
      GD bbPress Tools
      TinyMCE Advanced
      Yoast SEO

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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