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  • I am having a problem that similar to others in the forums with not being able to post a link to Facebook. The problem is ONLY for links to sub-pages on my website which is I can post links with thumbnails to other wordpress websites.

    In addition, I AM able to post a link to the home page but that’s it. Links to sub-pages (eg. give an error message in Facebook as “Oops. Something went wrong. We’re working on getting it fixed as soon as we can.” BTW, it makes the thumbnail and the link preview correctly, it just won’t let me post. All I get is the “oops we’re fixin’ it” message.

    NOTE: there is a topic on FB’s discussion board for this, but as you can see it is unresolved.

    A colleague has tried to post a link from our website to her facebook page and she can’t either. So the problem is not just restricted to my facebook account.

    I’m running WordPress for my site using the Thesis theme. To troubleshoot I have tried changing the theme, disabled all plug-ins and had my business partner try and post to (he is an admin also). Nothing.

    Having a business fan page will be a waste if I can’t update it with info from our website! Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.

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  • I wish I knew, I’ve had several of my own support people look at this, I’ve turned off plug-ins, I’ve sent numerous pleas for help to Facebook, and I can’t figure it out at either. It’s been happening since they retooled the feed. I have zero issues with Google+ and Twitter. I’ll be looking for an answer also, will post it here if we figure it out.

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