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  • …that is, any forum except for the ‘Everything else WordPress’ forum

    If I browse the ‘Support » All topics’ forum then there is no option for me to create a new post.

    Aswell as that, I’m having a great deal of difficulty even *finding* any other forums (I only managed to find this one through a Google search).

    What happened to these WP support forums that used to be so easy to use?

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  • And that’s really our fault… We didn’t do a good enough job helping you and the others like you who have the same problem.

    To be completely honest, I’ve been here for quite a few years and I still get lost.

    Anyway, When logged in, if you’ll look at the front of this support section here…

    You’ll see a link saying something about…

    Check out our support forums

    You’ll see the various forums listed and a button that says something like ‘add topic’ (maybe it says create topic). That button will take you to the bottom of that forum’s page where you can create a new ‘topic’ which will start a new forum post ‘thread’.

    If you are not logged in you’ll see something saying you’ll need to login to post to the forums.

    Now I’ve probably not explained this at all well and you’ll need to follow my thoughts a bit and try things but I do hope this helps.

    Let us know if you need more help, have another question, or I totally missed what you are trying to tell us.

    Support runs on ‘feedback’… We do appreciate yours.

    Ah I see it now… thanks for the help!

    That is very hard to notice though, and also the forum listing page looks almost identical to the page before it — I almost dismissed it completely as I thought I was still on the ‘WordPress Support’ page

    Moderator Steve Stern


    Support Team Volunteer

    Each forum has a “Create Topic” button at the top. For example, See

    That’s just a link to the bottom of the page, where (just like comments on a WP post) you enter your actual topic.

    That said, I think the forums are hard to find. There was a reorganization a while ago that focused on taking people through FAQs and guides from the top of that sort of hides the forums.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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