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  • Hi,

    I’ve have been trying to post on the housingbubble blog for a while now in the comments section. I type in a comment and hit send. The page waits like it’s loading the comment, and then refreshes, but my comment doesn’t appear. If I try to repost the same exact comment I get a wordpress message saying “You already posted this comment”. I have tried 3 different browsers (explorer, safari, and firefox, and have entered a couple different addresses, (on that blog it is a required field) including my basic comcast address. (thinking there might be some sort of filter on yahoo, etc. addresses to suppress spam) … nothing works. My posts never show up. I don’t have a problem posting anywhere else… Any ideas?

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  • Patience? Sounds like that blog owner may have all his comments go into a moderation queue.

    Moderation que…..

    I thought that too, but I know someone else that posts on it. It’s a pretty rough and tumble blog. (i’ve been reading it for a Year!) Many of the articles get over 200 responses in a day, and there are 5 or 6 articles a day. I’ve seen him remove stuff but seems hard to believe he reviews all the posts before hand. Could it be something on my end? I run a mac osx.

    Probably not on your end as far as hardware goes, but you might ask the blog owner if he’s running any spam-catching software. Perhaps you, or your ISP, have fallen into the blacklists or spam traps.

    Thanks, at least your confirming my logic. I tried sending an e-mail, but no reply. I guess I’ll have to find another blog to read instead in protest….

    Thanks for your quick help

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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