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    Folks, I’m posting a second and final time. Progressive Pittsburgh uses your product, but for the life of me I can’t find Publish a post. I can write it, I can save it, I can log in to Progressive Pittsburgh, I can log in to WordPress, I can search your forum and your blog, but there is no Post button. Pardon my ignorance, but great products need to be simple. Where is the xxxx Publish button?

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  • Dgold


    the Publish button is right where it should be, on the Write Post page under the body of your post, next to Save and Save & Continue editing buttons.

    Make sure you’re logged in as the admin and not just a subscriber-level user.

    It’s hard to call it a ‘product’ since WP is free. Everyone on the forum is just a volunteer and probably doesn’t feel hurt if you decide not to use it. Good luck, whatever you decide.





    Gents. thanks for the replies. My screen–and I’ve logged on both a Mac (Safari) and a PC–has the Save and Continue Editing, and Save button. But there is no Publish button. As for my status, I’ve checked my profile on both the local blog (Progressive Pittsburgh) and WordPress and can not see a place ot change it to an admin.

    Is there someplace I’m not looking?




    Joni, Regrettably, my screen does not have the publish button that your does, just the first two save ones. And again, I’ve revisited my profile pages on both sites and can not see a setting to become eligible for posting.
    Sugestions welcome. Thanks, Dan



    If you are not logged in as admin, then you can’t change your profile to admin. That would be a huge security hole if any user could change themselves to the admin.

    ARE you the admin?

    If so, logout and then login with your user ID: “admin” and password: whatever password WP automatically generated and emailed you when you created the blog.

    After that, you’ll have Publish button, but also you can go into the Users panel and upgrade your other login to Editor status, then it will have Publish also, I believe.



    I am not the admin. I’m simply trying to post to what I thought, perhaps mistakenly, was an site where one could post after registering.

    The site is

    I registered there and at the link through to the WordPress site. I received passwords for both of them at my e-mail address.

    At the WordPress site linked to Progress Pittsburgh, I have Dashboard, Write, Manage and Profile tabs. The dashboard also holds my draft post.

    Thanks again for patiently trying to help a somewhat frustrated would-be user.



    At your current user level (which looks like it might be something like User Level 1) you can write and save posts, but not publish them. Only someone with a higher level can do that.

    Take a look at the users in this blog. Go to Dashboard–> Users and you should be able to see who is the Admin on that WordPress site.

    You can write to them and ask for a higher user level, or at the very least, ask them to review and approve your post for publishing.



    If you’re not teh blog’s admin, chances are you don’t have the access level to actually publish your own posts but have to rely on teh blog’s admin to approve them. Best bet would be to contact the blog’s admin and ask for this level of access.

    Here’s a quick guide to the different role levels. It’s from over at, a site that uses wordpress but in this case, teh FAQ still applies.

    What are the different roles?

    Hope this helps,



    In that case, when you pressed Save then your post was saved as a Draft. When the admin or an Editor logs in, they will notice a new post in Drafts, which they could edit, publish, or delete.



    Dgold, JoniMueller, Rosie and Dr. Mike,

    First, thanks to all of you for trying to help out.
    Second, mea culpa for the snarky tone in the original post.
    Third, I’m going to throw in the towel for the time being. I hope Dgold is correct and that an editor will eventually publish the post. (There is no obvious editor. The admin button on the blog takes you to the WordPress site where I registered…)

    Again, my thanks.



    FYI, that is the typical behavior of the Admin button… that button takes you to the wp-admin interface, which is used by the actual administrator (also known as ‘admin’) and the editors, authors, and subscribers. If you’re not logged in at all, that button takes you to a Login or Register screen.

    If that site is in regular use, they’ll probably see your draft soon. If they have a Contact form or email, then you could write and ask.

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