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  • Try using the xpath instead and see if that works. Unfortunately, there’s no documentation that explains how to use xpath in the shortcode. My guess would be this…

    [wpws url="" xpath="//*[@id="user-replies"]" urldecode="1"]

    Hi, thanks for help but it gets the whole page, I think there is no way to get a node, because is not a xml ?!

    You can use the xpath to access html. I do it all the time, except I use it in the template, not shortcode. Perhaps the shortcode example I provided is getting confused because of the “quotes”. Maybe something like this might work…

    [wpws url="" xpath="//*[@id=\"user-replies\"]" urldecode="1"]

    [wpws url="" xpath="//*[@id=\"pagebody\"]/div[4]/div[3]" urldecode="1"]

    If that doesn’t work, then try changing the word “xpath” to “selector”. I wish the developer of this plugin could provide some more examples of usage.

    This works!

    [wpws url="" selector="#user-replies ol:eq(0)"]


    The first example I posted works ok, problem are accents 🙁 I think the plugin can’t parse latin characters 🙁 Even with xpath though.

    Tried utf8, null everything but still I got strange characters, both page and feed are utf-8, don’t know what happens.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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