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  • Hi,

    Great plugin but I’m having trouble sorting my list. I’ve got two example pages: “this is a project” and “another project”.
    “Another project” is the last page added and it is also top in the menu. So I want “another project” to appear first in the list.
    I’ve tried: [pagelist_ext child_of=”8″ sort_column=”post_date”] and [pagelist_ext child_of=”8″ sort_column=”menu_order”] but both cases just list “this is a project” as the first list item.

    The only thing that seems to change the order is sort-order=”desc” but this isn’t very useful as it doesn’t give enough control over the list.

    Am I doing something wrong or missing something?
    Any help is greately appreciated. Best, d

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  • OK, I’ve found the solution. I thought menu_order was to do with the way pages are arranged in the main menu. But it refers to “order” which you can set on the page. This is too much of a hassle for my client, she wants automatic listing by date.
    I now use: [pagelist_ext child_of=”8″ sort_column=”post_date” sort_order=”desc”] I realised that you could use sort_order on any of the column fields. So now I’ve got a nice list showing the most recently added page first. Sorted 😉

    Best, d

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