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    I am just starting getting my site going and when I try to open my site from my iPad to iPhone it redirects to my URL but with an m. In front. I know this stands for mobile, but the page is blank and I can’t get to it even if I try to remove the m. Manually.

    Please help


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    In which WordPress theme?

    right now i’m in the 2012 theme. It was working from my phone and iPad and now it isn’t. I had changed it to a different theme, I forget the name now and then changed it back to see if that was the problem.

    Is there a setting I need to change? if not, who can I call?

    What’s your site URL so someone can look at it?

    See if clearing any caches, cookies and history on your devices fixes it. If not, try deactivating all your plugins to see if any might be causing this problem. Twentytwelve does not use a separate m site, so something else must be doing that.

    There is no phone support for WordPress.ORG sites – the only help is here and everyone here is a volunteer. If you want to hire someone, you can post a job listing here:

    Thanks. I have no content or plugins that I know of. I have no idea what i’m doing yet. This company set up wordpress for me through hostgator.

    If someone could take a look, that would be great. URL is

    Thanks so much. I am definitely looking to hire someone as well to get me up and running.


    Right now you have the Simplify theme active, so that may be why it’s changing to an m site. Can you go to your themes and change to twentytwelve?

    Thanks, I did that. I actually just switched it back to simplify. i will try twentytwelve again. Thanks so much. Please let me know if you can help!

    So now the twentytwelve theme does show up – but only after clicking on standard website (to get off the “m” one – which is evidently related to dotMobi?) Did you sign up for that?

    I did, but didn’t know it would automatically put the m. in front. I am not even close to ready to set up a separate website for Mobile phones. not sure how to stop it from automatically re-directing to that.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    thanks so much,


    Just saw your last post – deleted the one I wrote as it’s not relevant anymore – you’ll have to contact dotMobi about how to disable it. And if you use twentytwelve theme, there is no need to have a separate mobile site.

    Thank you!!! do you know if the Simplicity theme requires a separate mobile site?

    I called host gator and they disabled the re-direct link.

    Sorry, I meant the simplify theme. Does it require separate mobile site?

    I really have no idea about that – from the description of it, it should. What I would suggest is that you put a few pages of content in your site and then test drive it on various devices – that will give you a pretty good idea of how well it works. You could also look at the theme sub-forum here:

    And if you have questions, post a new thread there. Good luck with it – are you really in Malaysia? Cool?! (I assume your domain name is a takeoff from the book – which was excellent…)

    Thanks! yes, I’m living here and it’s a take off from the book :-0 The movie has been sort of my “therapy”, especially with no tv! My husband lived here for a year and I just moved here in December from Southern California. Orginally from Toronto. I love it here. It’s an adventure, that’s for sure, which is what my blog is going to be about. I have about 30 rough drafts already. Everything from re-locating your pets (4 fat cats) to the bathroom situation (I have sliced my toes a million times!),working with my tutor and all the funny little things about living here. Night markets, where to buy cleaning supplies, buying groceries, hawker stalls. So many things you would never think to search online! not just where to “sleep, swim and stuff your face”!

    Thanks again for your help!


    Wow, that does sound like a grand adventure – and a blog is just the thing to memorialize and share it with your friends and family. I’m sure it will be great – WP takes a bit of learning, but you’ll get it – these might be helpful:

    YouTube has a lot of tutorials too.

    Thanks so much! You’ve been such a great help!

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