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  1. Pech
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi Guys,

    I have a problem with my WordPress Site: http://www.pechundschwefel-aroundtheworld.com!

    I cannot open my Site (and login) from everywhere. For example: Place A - OK; Place B - i cannot open the website; Place C - OK; Place D - i cannot open the website...

    I thought it might be the internet on my appartment, so I did some things to figure it out by myself... but unfortunately i got more confused :)

    In my appartment in New Zealand my WP-Page http://www.pechundschwefel-aroundtheworld.com does't work; so I used my other Webspace (www.formatundfarbe-shop.de) and used the same Theme (Elegang Grunge) and put some text and pictures in it. The result: http://www.formatundfarbe-shop.de is OK; http://www.pechundschwefel-aroundtheworld.com still doesn't work - SAME place- SAME provider (Strato), SAME user (me), SAME program (WordPress) and SAME theme (Elegant Grunge), just OTHER content!!!

    After that... I put the content of pechundschwefel-aroundtheworld in the "OK/ working" website formatundfarbe-shop. After that i could not open none of the websites!

    Now everything is like before... pechundschwefel... is still not working; formatundfarbe... has the same theme and some OTHER content and is working fine!

    What can be wrong with my content... on many places the blog works fine!

    Please help me! I don't get it by myself! Hope you are not that confused... Thank you in advance
    Greetings from New Zealand


    I am not 100% sure about my WordPress Version; it should be 3.2.1!

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