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  • I have an onsite page which briefly explains what rss is and contains the links to the feed and Feedburner variants.

    But I can’t name it as I want ‘/fyi/stay-informed/rss/’ because WP changes it to ‘/fyi/stay-informed/rss-2/’.

    Also, if I enter ‘/fyi/stay-informed/rss/’ into the browser address bar, it redirects to my feed rather than a 404.

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    The reason the -2 is being appending to the permalink is because that page already exists somewhere. Check your trash can.

    Sometimes people will start a page ‘/fyi/stay-informed/rss/’ and then delete it. Then they want it back. Instead of retrieving it from the trash (because chances are they forgot they created it), they create a new page. Since the page in the trash reserves the permalink (in the event it is ever recovered), you’ll get a -2 or -3 or however many pages already exist 🙂

    Go into the trash and “permanently delete” it from there. Or recover it and use it instead. Whenever you get -2, check somewhere for a page that already has that permalink. And remember too that titles and permalinks can be different. So check all your pages if your trash is empty for a page with that permalink.

    Thanks – but I’m already aware of that, and there is no prior page so-named.

    I’m wondering if it’s an issue with link-caching or WP reserving certain terms.



    It appears that rss is reserved. If you type the you are redirected to I tried, on a fresh install, to create a page called rss and I receive the same issue as you describe.


    I’m wondering if there’s a workaround – so’s I can regain full use of my site.



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    Why not just call the page “Using RSS” so that you end up with a page slug of using-rss?

    That’s a very good point – thanks.

    I’ll use it right now, because it’ll solve the immediate issue. And, I still want to be able to operate without needless Wp interference.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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