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  • I can’t move panels on my dashboard. It is just an annoyance, but I would like to fix it.

    When I try to move panels, the grey box (showing where it should be placed) appears, but then duplicates as I move the panel around. So I can’t move a panel below another, as instead of getting a grey box below the next panel I get lots of grey boxes below each other. Also I can’t move a panel to the next column, forcing my to have all panels in one column.

    It might be plugin-related, but as my installation is an active site, I can’t start to disable plugins as I would loose functionality from the site.

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    The only way to troubleshoot whether this is plugin related is to deactivate all the plugins, then activate them one at a time.

    It will not need much down-time & you can use the maintenence-mode plugin so that visitors don’t see your site in its underwear.

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