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  • No changes I make to style.css in /htdocs/wp-content/themes/default seem to affect the default theme (yes, I’ve cleared my cache). I’ve made wild changes to style.css and header.php, but they never seem to have any effect. I can download and switch to a different theme, but I can’t seem to modify the default theme at all.

    I’m probably missing something obvious, but I can’t see what it is. I’ve even deleted the entire /default directory from my host and uploaded the original install files, but it ignores them as well! What am I doing wrong?

    I used the “Header and Image Color” tool under Presentations to change the blue blob to black and ever since it’s been unmodifiable. When I delete the /default directory, the live page goes blank, but after I copy over the original /default theme files, it goes right back to the black I chose in the color tool. Arrgh.

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  • its cuz your name is snobblepopkin duh.

    sorry..had to…i think i had the same problem the other day…if ya mess with the header image thiny in the admin options the only way i found ta get rid of it was to go into the images folder for the default theme and delete the header-img.php file.

    for the rest of the stuff in the style sheet…most of the things like font color and stuff are actualy missing and alota stuff does modify things, but ya cant see them becuse their under the kubrick back ground images.

    hope that helps a bit…and sory bout pokin fun at your name…its a real nice name…tehehehe..oops sorry

    I have been using wp on this pc for a year.
    Monday I started a new blog in a new domain (same hosting provider) and nothing works.
    I created a post and it had been published but then I created a page (that is in the page managing list) and seems to be non-existent.
    Moreover every change I try to apply to my themes (I changes themes several times) doesn’t succeed.
    I can only change ma files through FTP.

    What’s up?

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