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  • hello everybody

    first of all, yes! I have searched and found many links where they explain how to install it
    (example: )

    I have two servers, the one with CentOS I made it work, but the one with Red Hat, it is getting impossible for me, so I am requesting your experience and help

    I have tried with different versions, they all seem to be installed, but when I restart apache, nothing seems to be working, so defintly it isn’t installed, or at least nor properly…

    with the simplest way of installing it in red hat (pecl install ssh2-beta) gives me the Error 1, so I only can install it through the manual installation, and I made the 0k, moved it to the extension dir, added the extension to the php.ini
    but still nothing!!!

    can you help me out??
    what am I missing???

    thanks in advance

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