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  • Problem nr1:

    There is only sample page, when I try making another one, it does not appear in pages section, as if it was never created, but when I access it through link, it is there in website.

    Problem nr2:

    So now I have 2 pages, sample page and new, “invisible” page. When I create third one, the third one overwrites “invisible” page. Only two pages I can create…

    Same thing for the posts.

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  • I think you have not added the Page that you created to default menu this is how you do it and the post doesnot appear in menu the post is listed in homepage by default but if you have defined static home page you have to define a page to list the posts .

    No, it does not appear even in admin page list. There is sample page, when I trash sample page the second page which I created named “test” appears instead of sample page in that list, and when I refresh admin page list, sample page is back lol.

    Have you tried
    – updating everything
    – deactivating all your plugins
    – switching to default theme like twenty thirteen or something

    Yes, did everything, running newest version. Max two pages, one stays as it is, other is overwritten by trying to create new one.

    Are you using the default theme and the error still persists ?

    It is not theme fault, if it even shows in admin panel. And yes, default theme provides me with the same errors.

    I have the same problem, and it is not isolated to specific installation or plugins, because it happens on all 3 of my sites. The problem started with upgrade to 4.6 and I posted about it in the forum, but it got deleted.

    I only upgraded my least important site to 4.6 and because it made it unusable, I did not go with the upgrade on my more important sites. I waited for the next update, thinking this owuld be fixed, but it wasn’t, and now even my main site is unusable.

    Basically, since 4.6, there are two problems:

    1 – some form of over caching causes newly made posts/pages not appear, unless a CTRL refresh is done to the page.

    2 – creating new posts becomes impossible, because of some kind of conflict with post numbering in the database, so a guy goes to create a new page, but data from the latest existing post is loaded up, so if this new post is saved, it will overwrite the existing post. Whereas each attempt to create a new post loads up an ID of an existing post, one can’t create a new post without destroying the old one, so the options are either to not make new posts, or sacrifice the latest one for a new one as its replacement.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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