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  • Well, I did search the forum for this problem, but since I upgraded to I haven’t been able to create new static pages. Theys how up in the “manage pages” area, but when I try to view them, they don’t actually exist. I get the “Page Not Found” thing.

    Is this an .htaccess thing? I’m thinking it is if only because I don’t see any htaccess files on my server despite setting my FTP client to display hidden/invisible files.

    Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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    Your .htaccess file is not properly regenerating (WP should be able to add a new rewrite rule for each created page). See this:

    Thanks for the link and I thought that worked, but it ended up not working. In fact, the situation is so screwy I can’t figure out what the hell’s going on.

    I can create pages with the title “test” but can’t seem to create pages with any other kind of titles. I’m quite baffled as to what’s going on. I can’t seem to find anything stable about this beyond that calling a page “test” will work but anything else is zilch.

    I just tried to create a page called “flumox” and it didn’t work. Very strange, indeed.

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    This is a random though, but try adding more to your permalink structure, like add a date structure. For example, use this:


    You can always change back if you need to, this is just for test purposes.

    Hi, I’m having a similar problem – using WP I can create new pages (called anything I like) but when I try to view them they don’t exist.

    I suspect it’s the .htaccess file but I don’t know what to put in it to correct the problem


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    josalmon, did you follow the instructions that were mentioned in the second post of this thread for fixing the .htaccess generation issue?

    Thanks for the suggestion MacmanX, but that didn’t work. I still get the “Not Found” message when I create a new page. I can still edit the thing inside of the WP admin.

    Oh wait–actually, I just noticed that the new permalink structure didn’t take. I checked the permalinks page and it says my htaccess page isn’t writable, yet, I know it is–CHMOD’ed to 666. The htaccess file needs to go into the root directory? Or the WP directory? Right now, it’s in my root.

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    The wp directory

    I put the htaccess file into the WP directory with the same code that the WP admin permalinks page suggested but the new structure still didn’t take. Still can’t make new static pages.

    K, got the permalink structure to take, but still can’t create new static pages. Instead of getting the “not found” page I get my site’s 404 page. Not sure if that’s significant or not.

    macmanx, I did a few weeks ago when I was having trouble with permalinks (which I eventually sorted) but I still can’t make new pages. It just goes straight to my 404 page (like thepete)

    Not sure what the problem is or where to start.

    Is there a special code that goes in the .htaccess file?

    That’s my question, too. I used to be able to create new pages and I do have my old htaccess file in my site archives–but which part of it do I copy over to the new htaccess file without screwing everything else up?

    It worth to give it a try: whenever something is messed up with the .htaccess fil,. I just delete it, upload an empty file named .htaccess in the WP directory (+chmod accordingly; not all servers are the same!), then I go to the Options > Permalinks and regenerate the rewrite rules.

    Edit. And in order to see your Pages the ,htaccess file has to be writable all the time otherwise WP isn’t able to write the rules for every Page title…

    Right, I’ve set it to be writable, but WP still says it isn’t. So… I think something else on my server is screwing things up. Again, I’ll try to old htaccess file with my fingers crossed and see what happens but since WP claims it’s not writable, even though I’ve tried CHMODing it to both 666 and 777. Now the htaccess file in question *does* need to go in the WP directory, right? Because my index is in my server’s root directory and not the WP directory.

    Man, I am baffled!

    So, I upload the old htaccess file from 1.5 (not when I was still able to create pages and WP lets me create one page. I try again and no go. This is SO frustrating because the behavior is so inconsistent.

    I really think this is all because WP can’t see that my htaccess file is writable. I know it is writable because I’ve set it to 666 myself and checked to make sure it was still set at that.

    Any help would be *greatly* appreciated!

    Usually after an upgrade you do NOT use the old htaccess file, that’s what I’ve tried to tell you.

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