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  • Man, I’m having all kindsa problems. I’m trying to edit the /wordpress/?p=1 file, but when I go to edit it, it accesses the “Write Post” tab and doesn’t display anything for me to edit.

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  • If I remember correctly…the “?p=1” is representing the first page of the “Blog”, basically the index page.

    To edit a “Post” you’d have to go in the Blog’s CP to Manage => Posts in Control Panel, find the post you want to edit and click on the Edit link, but that is if you have a post to actually edit.

    To WRITE a “Post” you’d have to go in the Blog’s CP to the “WRITE” tab => Write Post in Control Panel, which is usually right there and ready to go for you. =) Then just fill in the Title for the post, and fill in the other bigger box for the content of the post…then choose or put a tick in the Post Status section for “PUBLISH” and click “PUBLISH” Button under the bigger post box.. (Also you can choose the “Catagory” you want it to be in as well, under the “Catagories” section there.)

    To edit the Index page, you’d have to go into the Blog’s CP Presentation => Themes => Theme Editor and click on the Index.php file in sidebar of that page. But you’d also have to have them files writable to change and save things.


    is it because there’s not .htaccess file, or my-hacks.php file?


    Sorry, was looking back through this and realized I made a error on the first part of my original reply.

    /** Edited
    If I remember correctly…the “?p=1” is representing a Post’s Page of the “Blog”, containing the comments part as well. Example:

    I believe that is right now….right? =) Sorry…wasn’t thinking at the time.. :/ CrucialTK, it looks like you’re getting it now. =) Just gotta find and fix the 5 validation errors. And you’ll be all set fo sure. =)

    The 5 errors

    Especially this one for the footer, so it shows perfectly again hehe.

    Line 96 column 7: element "center" undefined.

    <center><div class="footnav">

    Keep up the good work, and thanks for installing that new theme of phoenixd’s, now we can see what it really looks like on the net. =)


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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