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  • Hi, I cant log out from my site, If I use a logout link lets say from the blog comments I only get the site refreshed and I´m still logged.
    If I log out from the admin dashboard I get the login page and the logged out succesfully prompt but if I go back to the site I´m still logged

    I have no pluggins active
    It still happen with the default twenty twelve theme or any other for that matter
    If I delete the cookies from the browser I do get logged out

    Any help I could get solving this problem will be greatly appreciated

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  • Check your browser for auto login settings – and try in a different browser to see if you experience the same behavior.

    Hi Jess tnx for the reply,

    I looked into the auto login erase all storaged passwords on my browsers and didnt find anything that suggest that is the problem, also I have the same problem in any computer I can try this problem (so far 3) and the problem is present using chrome, safari, ie and firefox

    I think it could be some plugin and or config that cause the problem, but right now I dont have any plugin active and the problem persist

    Try the standard WordPress troubleshooting – turn off all of your plugins and switch to the default theme, then test.

    If you’re still seeing the problem, I would reinstall WordPress – sounds like something is very wonky with how the admin interface is setting cookies.

    Thanks for the reply Jess

    I did had to reinstall WordPress It turned out to be how a theme handled the login process and messed the installation.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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