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  • well the problem is that i can’t seem nor my cutomers to log out of the website.

    i used to go with w3tc but it actually slowed down the site for me so i moved to hyper cache and felt a great difference according to speed.

    i faced this issue while using w3tc but i solved it by excluding homepage out of cash. now i am using hyper cache and cloudflare but i cant log out my website. i am using a login/logout widget and it redirects to the home page on logout at all unless i clear the cache and then refresh the page.

    to be more specific i opened the site in a different browser and logged in as a customer then tried to logout from the homepage but it kept saying that i am logged in and when i press logout again it showed me a wordpress notification saying

    “You are attempting to log out of Natateef

    Do you really want to log out?”

    then i cleared the cash and refreshed the page and it showed that i am logged out.

    i tried this with “Home caching” checked and unchecked but it did not make any difference. i still can not logout untill i clear the cash! :S

    i did uncheck the “Redirect caching” option hoping that it would solve the issue but still it did not.

    i also did add a page rule at cloudflare to exclude my homepage from cashing so i know that it’s not a problem with cloudflare, actually it’s obvious because the status changes to logged out when i clear the cache in the hyper cache plugin.

    so please tell me how to solve this problem,
    best regards,
    Ahmad Afaneh.

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  • Hello which version are you running? Have you tried the latest version?

    Kind regards

    can’t logout either. updated all WP files. Deactivate all plugins. Using 2012 theme. It takes a dozen or more repeated attempts for the logout to take.

    I see this issue reported in many places here on WordPress and yet no one has solved it. I don’t see a single post here where wordpress has actually addressed this issue head on.

    @captainslog – Why are you posting in old threads if this is a current issue? Please start your own thread.

    because it is NOT resolved. Not here on an old thread. Not on any thread I can find. By posting on a new thread it just covers up the problem that wordpess is NOT addressing consistently over time. So I post it here on a relevant thread to say that WordPress is not addressing the issue.

    otherwise it seems like you all want to hide the issue?

    and why object where i post the issue and not try to address the issue?

    the issue is the issue, where i post it is not the issue. so here are two extra posts that never needed to be written . . . a waste of time and resources.

    Are you using this plugin? Are you running WP3.4.2? That’s what this thread is about.

    If you want help on these forums, please follow the guidelines.

    No one is hiding anything. If you have a valid issue, you will get help with it in your own thread – that’s how these forums work.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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