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  • I have had a WP blog running on my site ( before without any problems, but now I can’t get it to work. Most of the time it works when I browse to, and sometimes I can even get to the login-part of the site. But when I login, I get an errorpage. One time I actually got to the admin-part, but then I got the errorpage with the following mouse-click.

    Any ideas? It’s really frustrating.

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  • First questions first:

    – did you upgrade and, if so, did you first delete everything but the few files mentioned here before you uploaded the new files?

    – if you upgraded, did you run upgrade.php?

    i am also having this problem… i have godaddy hosting and the latest update for wordpress running. 4 out of 5 time i get an error page when trying to access any of my pages.

    One problem I found earlier with GoDaddy hosting is that, although they *do* support .htaccess, they do not support mod_rewrite — which means you’ll have to go with the default WordPress URLs.

    If you try to change your URLs, it’s likely that all of your links will break.

    I made a clean install of WP. I tried several times, all with the same result. I also tried deleting everything in my database, and everything on my webserver (it’s hosted at It made no difference what-so-ever.

    This is really weird. I thought I would try to install the danish version of WP 2.0.6. (since i’m from Denmark). It seems to work perfect at first try. No errors so far. I would like the english one better, but that’s life I guess 🙂 for those who would like the danish version of WordPress 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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