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  • Hi,
    I am blocked out of my wp-admin area because it just wont accept my username. Please Help.
    Anybody ?

    i haev followed the instructions on the “reseting via mysqladmin”, but my password is still not recognized. please help.

    I’m having the same (or similar) issue. Here’s what’s going on:
    /wp-login.php type in correct username/password hit submit. Getting redirected back to wp-login.php with no error message.

    /wp-login.php type in INCORRECT username/passsword hit submit. Getting redirected back to wp-login.php WITH an error message.

    Only happening on one of my 4 WP installs.

    Same for me 🙁

    vegasgeek I’m having the exact same problem … Can anyone help?

    Long time user, running into the same problem on a 2.6.x.

    No username will allow a login in any browser client on multiple platforms/machines.

    In the user table I do notice that any change to the user_pass I make and select the md5, is then changed again after my first login attempt. This is probably extra security but just figured I would report it.

    Any help is appreciated.

    One more thing to add…

    If you choose a valid username and invalid password you will see the pink box indicating the incorrect password.

    If you choose a valid pair or u and pwd you see no box but the page refreshes to the login page.

    Yes I have tried playing with cookies thinking that could be the cause.

    More research on this…I tried blowing away my .htaccess file and still no luck.

    I have had this problem on three 2.6.2 upgrades over the last two days.

    After some complicated db adjustments on the first two upgrades I now think that it seems that the 2.6.2 upgrade is not properly clearing cookies.

    On the last upgrade tonight I again couldn’t login at first but it worked instantly after clearing the cookies related to the site url.

    I think vegasgeek – who posted in this thread figured it out. If you can’t log in, try this solution:

    It worked for me.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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