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  1. LadySatarel
    Posted 3 years ago #

    So I was working in WordPress with my Photocrati theme, and built up the basic site in about 2 or 3 hours. But every time I loaded http://www.sidneyreed.com, it would make the blog template the home page.

    I really don't know much about web building, so I stuck to the template. But under General Settings, I saw that you could change the 2 URL sections. One is the url viewers need to type to reach the page, and the other is the url where my files are stored.

    That's about all I know. I changed it from http://www.sidneyreed.com to http://www.sidneyreed.com/home thinking that would somehow fix the problem of defaulting to the blog instead of the homepage.

    Now I can't log in to wordpress to fix the problem. I get a "Page Not Found: 404". I guess it's looking for files that don't exist according to that url. So I somehow moved the entire website?

    Remember, I need VERY basic instructions. Someone already told me I need to FTP into my website to fix it. Can someone email me extremely basic, step by step instructions? I have Cyberduck but never used it before. And I'm hosted through FatCow. And by basic, I mean literally holding my hand and walking me through each step.

    Thanks so much. I can't believe one little thing messed it all up. There should be a warning label next to that tab in General Settings!

  2. Clayton James
    Posted 3 years ago #

    These are about as basic as it gets for this particular situation. The good news is the instructions are pretty well explained. You should be able to repair your addresses using one of the methods described in these instructions: Changing The Site URL

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