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  • So, I’ve started creating my own theme for the first time and it was going okay yesterday, but when I came to login this morning my dashboard was in accessable. It was a completely blank white page. I assumed because I was themeing that it must have been something to do with that, so I renamed my theme directory and I managed to log in okay. The trouble is I can’t find what it was within my theme that caused this problem, so I’m constantly having to log in to my server’s cPanel to try and fix a wordpress theme.

    Am I the only one who thinks that allowing a typo in a theme to stop everyone from logging in is a completelty ludacrious way to allow a CMS to function. I know WordPress allows this for plug-ins too and it completly baffleds me as to who would think this is a good idea. Please can someone explain the logic behind this.

    Also, in the event of a hard-to-find typo in the theme code, what is the usual way of finding it and fixing it because it can’t possibly be the case that I have to login to my server’s back end to make small changes like these? I’ve never had to do this with any other CMS and I fail to belive wordpress would be put together so badly as to let something as trivial as a typo in a theme file to corrupt the whole setup. Especially as with many situations, the person designing the themes wouldn’t have server access.

    Kindest Regards

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  • Chris Olbekson


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    Hi chriswere9,

    Congrats creating your first theme. The theme editor was never really meant to be used to create a theme. It’s more for minor edits. I would suggest looking into a code editor with PHP syntax highlighting. It will make your life much easier and even some of the free open source editors have built in ftp so you can save directly to your server.

    You can also use some debugging techniques which are very helpful. see . For information on how to debug PHP see , and . For multisite installs see as well.

    The plugin sandbox only catches errors during activation. If you change code while the plugin is active and there is a fatal error, the same thing will happen.

    Thank You very much for your help, but wow, does that information make me want to re-think using wordpress. For the world’s most popular CMS that is a real major flaw.

    Thanks Again

    Chris Olbekson


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    Not really a flaw.

    Any PHP application will break if you introduce fatal php errors in a live file. This is why php developers use code editors and build applications in a local environment and not on a live server.

    I never had this problem with ModX.

    But seriuosly, I must be going a little bit mad. But it strikes me as being completely ludacrus to allow something as little as a typo in a theme file wreck you entire wordpress install to the point where you need server access to fix it.

    Do you know if there are any plug-ins which help or allow you to design themes within wordpress without risking the install?

    Thanks Again =D



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    No – because every theme is different. Why not create a local install to develop & test themes?

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