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  • onthegointo


    so I went to my bookmarked link for my Dashboard as usual, and it took me to this page:

    I filled out all the fields, and hit “Install WordPress” after a long page of “errors”, it eventually said it installed so I hit “Log In”. After hitting that button, it sent me back to the same page again asking me to fill out all the same fields again. I did it 3 times and it just bounced me back every time.
    What’s the problem?

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  • jonradio


    No one would be able to solve your problem from what you’ve said. I tried it myself and the first error reads:

    WordPress database error: [Can’t read dir of ‘./onthegoi_wrdp1/’ (errno: 13)]

    Unless anyone else has a better answer, I would suggest reporting the error to your web host’s Support folks. It sounds to me like they have misconfigured MySQL.

    At the same time, if you had a working WordPress install, you had better be grabbing a backup before it gets overwritten with the corrupt one that is there now. Again, your web host Support folks would be the ones to ask.



    i can not install the wordpress 3.4.1 i want to have the plugin for my website. this is ridiculous if it dnt get fix i want a refund on my domain name word press is the worst. fix my problem now

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    jeff – please don’t interrupt other people’s topics with a post irrelevant to the topic.

    This forum is for self-hosted WordPress only. You cannot install plugins on see support is at



    thanks i thought i was on the same topic i bought some traffic software and it shows me how to upload it to my wordpress but i dnt see it on it when i go myself with plugins tell me what to do sorry again

    If its a fresh wp install, then just re-install wordpress

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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