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    Hello. I’ve been trying to login to a new install of wp on my site but it doesn’t want to let me, I enter the correct login details but the user name and pass fiels just come back empty asking me to log in again.

    Having searched extensively on the net about this issue I’ve discovered it’s happened to an awful lot pf people over the years and there seem to be a multitude of causes and solutions. I’ve tried all that I’ve come across with no luck.

    I am trying to login from my iPhone using Safari, I currently have no access to a computer with a desktop browser so can’t test that. I also cannot download and try another browser on my iphone.

    Like I’ve said, I’ve tried a bunch of different potential solutions and none have worked thus far, these include the obvious ones like clearing browser cache and cookies, reinstalling wp, disabling plugins, checking siturl in the database, changing the password via database et cetera.

    I’m trying to run it from an addon domain i’ve set up in cpanel on my host, so it has a subdomain too – i’ve tried installing wp from the subdomain and logging in from it instead, this didn’t work. I’ve also tried installing wp to my main domain with no change.

    I contacted my host about potential issues relating to my account causing this, but they couldn’t find anything wrong. I don’t get any errors, which is the annoying thing. Even the server logs aren’t showing any errors. I tried turning on debug mode but that didn’t seem to give me anything either.

    I’m at a loss here.

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  • there are a few methods for retrieving your username/ password. My recommendation would be to start here –

    if this does not work, then your next bet is to change the password in the database. (note; to find PHPMYADMIN, use search in Cpanel.

    As stated I have already tired every solution I can find on the issue. Retrieving the password and changing it via the database included. Not that I could see why exactly that would have been necessary; I know what my password is.

    Not that it matters though as just now I have solved this problem. How you may ask? Well in fact it did turn out to be an issue with my iPhone, or rather an issue with WordPress causing a problem with my iPhone that needn’t even exist…

    I’ve finally got hold of my new laptop today so I was able to use personal hotspot on th eiPhone to connect to the net using it and the first thing I did was reinstall WP again and try and login. Exact same procedure I followed using the iPhone. When it came to login it popped up the login window similar to the one on the iPhone, thinking nothing of it and I entered the username and password I’d chosen (same as before).

    It then reloaded the login window just like it had done on the iPhone EXCEPT, this time I noticed it had some writing that was on the window (I hadn’t noticed if it was there the first time, I don’t think it was but it could have been). Seeing as I am using a desktop browser (Firefox to be precise) the login window had information written in it, something along the lines of:

    “WordPress attack protection CAPTCHA enter :83whw8 as username and the math result of 12+4 as the password”

    And voila, upon completing this it took me to the real login screen I was expecting and has now let me login. I expect I’ll also be able to access it from the iPhone now provided it doesn’t do that CAPTCH login window again. Why? Because quite evidently the information displayed in that window is omitted in Safari on the iPhone. It just displays a blank window with username and password fields.

    This seems like an oversight on WordPress’ development teams part. I have no idea if other browsers on iOS would have the same issue, as I said I cannot test with other browsers for various reason. Why I’m getting that CAPTCHA login however, even though the IP address that installed WP and chose the username and password is also the one accessing that account for the first time? Seems a bit rediculous to then chuck out a special attack protection login. But thanks to that bullshit I just wasted the last few days which could instead of been spent (and should have been spent) developing the blog.

    Pewrhaps someone could file a bug or quirk report with the development team about that captcha login window because it’s both uneccesary for a first time login after install as far as I’m concerned and also outright impossible to get passed on devices that run Safari on iOS.

    I take it back, I apologise. This protection captcha crap is actually my hosts doing. They installed scripts to detect when wp- login is accessed and that triggers the ‘other’ login box. It has nothing to do with WP.

    Apparently they’ve installed it to protect their servers from a bought of hacking attempts on wordpress installs over a year ago and haven’t seen fit to bother removing it despite wp being updated multiple times (and presumably nullifying these threats). Typical… I just bought a years hosting from them too.

    Resolved, forgot to mark as such.

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