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  • Plugin Author Pascal


    I probably should extend the FAQ with help I am blocked but this is included in the FAQ right now:

    I select “Block users from the backend of your site option and ban my own country and nothing happens

    This is “as-designed” as long as you are logged in you will not be blocked. Open another browser and see if you can login to your backend. By designing it this way you can fix a whoops without you having to alter your database.

    As answered on my own site you need access to the database to resolve this:

    You can only fix this by going in to the database administrator. Most hosting providers have phpmyadmin installed.

    You should be able to login there with probably your database account. Then go to the wp_options table and remove the line that says ‘blockcountry_banlist’

    If you need further help just reply!

    I went to my hosting account and tried to login to to phpmyadmin and it does not let me login! It is giving me an error. Is there a way to change the plugin to allow a user to login in the US to their backend even if only temporarily just to let me get in and unclick my country in the plugin?? I am desperate!

    I got back in through the help of my hosting company. Thanks.

    Plugin Author Pascal


    Nice of your hosting provider to give you a hand.

    If somebody else has this problem don’t hesitate to contact me. Please supply hosting provider and I’ll check things out the best I can.

    In the next version you’ll be alerted better to not block your own country from the backend.

    Plugin Author Pascal


    v1.0.10 was release a couple of hours ago.

    You can select countries that you want to block from the frontend of your site and countries that you want to block from your backend.

    So you are now able to block all countries except for the USA from your backend.

    I deleted the line from wp_option now i get another error when i try to log in “Error establishing a database connection”
    I blocked my country “USA” for back end access and i am in “USA”
    Please help!!!

    MySQL returned an empty result set (i.e. zero rows). (Query took 0.0005 sec)

    Plugin Author Pascal


    You can set the option_name blockcountry_blockbackend to empty.

    But if you get an error establish a database connection your problem goes beyond this plugin. Either there is an error in wp-config.php, the database is unreachable, or perhaps you have deleted the entire or important parts of the database (like the wp_options table))

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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