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[Resolved] Can't login to admin

  • Hi, I have moved Multisite from another domain that I have moved and the from end is working perfectly. I have obviously added something incorrectly as I can’t access the admin panel. If I try to get to wp-admin I get this – domainname.co.uk/domainname.co.uk error page not found.

    I managed to login via login.php so I can see the admin bar now, I just can’t access the dashboard. I have a feeling it’s the config here.

    define(‘DOMAIN_CURRENT_SITE’, ‘domain.co.uk’);
    define(‘PATH_CURRENT_SITE’, ‘/domain.co.uk/’);

    I know I must have this wrong, any help would be gratefully accepted 🙂

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  • Ok, I found the issue. As I was on a test server environment when I changed the config I had to begin.

    define(‘PATH_CURRENT_SITE’, ‘/domain.co.uk/’);

    I assumed the IP was to be overwritten with the domain but the actual setting needed to be:

    define(‘DOMAIN_CURRENT_SITE’, ‘domain.co.uk’);
    define(‘PATH_CURRENT_SITE’, ‘/’);

    The setting in wp-blog then needed to be matching – I had domain and path the same, changed to match above and hey presto.

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