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  • I cannot log into admin mode from the PC, both Firefox 1.04 and IE 6.0.29… Both return me back to the login window and the URL is

    I can open http://…./wp-admin/ folder and see there that I’m logged in, but as soon as I click on Manage or any other link there, I am back where I started in login screen…

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  • I should add that I can log in from the Mac Safari browser. But cannot from the Windows PC.




    Have you cleared your cache and deleted your cookies on the PC browsers?

    Yeah it’s weird that it happens on both firefox and IE. I was going to suggest a funny security setting in IE that was stopping cookies.

    It sounds like that machine is at fault; do you have any odd firewall/internet protection software ? Or maybe your hosts file is causing something odd ?

    It’s the same for me.
    I can’t log as admin, and IE and Firefox return to the login page.
    I disable the firewall and all will return normal.

    Verify there is a trailing “/” at the end of the url on windows machines – your post suggests it’s there, but it’s caught me out before. This is generally a problem when you are not using the web root but a sub directory and haven’t specified the page to open … e.g.

    http://… = no error
    http://…/ = no error
    http://…/wp-admin = ERROR
    http://…/wp-admin/ = no error
    http://…/wp-admin/index.php = no error

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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