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  • I have a problem with login in on the blog page.
    I have the blog page linked to an iframe and am able to login as usual with Firefox but not with IE it just won’t let me login. But while out externally of the iframe and just on a regular page it shows i am logged in and everything is fine. I just want it to work in the iframe.

    please help

    here is the page i am talking about.

    The whole page is on one server and the blog page is on another server if that makes any sense. — click on the Current News link!

    I made an account so you can see that it doesn’t work:
    login: test
    password: 123456

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  • I just want it to work in the iframe.

    Never tried, but based on similar posts in the last several months, it seems the login never works in iframe/IE combination.

    Ok that is a pain…

    Ok but it I want to have the login link open in a new window instead?
    How do i do that in php?


    <li id=”meta”><?php _e(‘Admin:’); ?>

      <?php wp_register(); ?>

    • <?php wp_loginout(); ?>


    i seemed to have fixed this on my own. Don’t know what i really did tho…

    The problem is a login requires placement of a cookie in your browser’s cache. If you open IE and open the page that contains the login box (i.e. the Blog), you will see an icon of an eye on the lower toolbar of the browser window. This is a privacy report notification. Click on this icon to launch the cookies settings. Click on the web address of the server that contains the login page (i.e. the server hosting your Blog) and set to ‘always allow cookies on this site’. Now return to the page containing the login to your Blog in an iFrame, you should be able to login.

    I have the solution to this problem. To use cookies (or sessions) with an iframe and IE, you need a compact P3P policy header. The solution and explanation can be found here:

    Make sure to read the entire article and my comment (Robert Giordano) at the end. There were a couple of things that were not obvious to me but in the end, it all works!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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