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    Cant login to site it always give: “ERROR: Please solve Captcha correctly” error.
    how to fix?

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  • Setting “Failed login Captcha” to 1 and Score to 0.1 for new sites that didn’t receive any traffic yet (ever) along with reCaptcha v3 will work 100% and no errors will happen.

    @shamim51 can you please write this down under “Installation” or “Support” section as it turn out to be very important for new sites (domains).

    You can also write down that users with “old” sites (domains) which received traffic in past will have your plugin work with much more strict settings.

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    Thank you @zjagust
    I actually do not want my users use v3 yet. In v3 if captcha failed, there is no way to proof that he/she is human. and captcha fail too often, in minimum setup also.
    In my opinion v2 is still better in most of the cases.

    Please help me. I can not log in my website because ERROR: Please solve Captcha correctly.

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    Can somebody please help me!
    I have installed google reCaptcha V3 and now I can’t login to my wordpress website as I get “error for site owner: Invalid key type”. I have no clue what to do? I thought it is a simple process to install reCaptcha but it came as a nightmare…
    I can’t even disable it and reading the forum I don’t understand half of the things as it is not very clear…

    Help will be appreciated.
    Thank you.

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    @jnelcgeorgia You can access your plugin file via FTP or file manager and rename “advanced-nocaptcha-recaptcha” folder to something else. Then login as normal. Then rename back this folder.

    Hello @shamim51 ! Thank you so much for your response! I am not familiar with FTP and how to access that! I am sorry but I am really clueless here :S

    Plugin Author Shamim Hasan


    @jnelcgeorgia you can ask support from your host and show them my above reply. They will do that for you.


    As @shamim51 is saying. All hosting companies allow you to access your files on their servers. Most all of them have some sort of control panel that you can log into (cPanel, etc) and then there is an icon in there that will let you access your files. From there you can rename the plugin folder and then log into your account.

    Once you have logged back into your wordpress site, rename the folder back to the original name. You’ll more than likely have to reactivate it and then you can change the re captcha code from google.



    is it possible to get help? when I request a new password because it is forgotten appaired “ERROR: Please solve Captcha correctly”
    I followed the indications of this post, but I can’t make it work, ERROR still appears.
    I’m use V2.

Viewing 10 replies - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)
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