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  • hi giri!

    I think the url should be your-site/wp-admin..


    I thought I had changed it, but anyway, if it is I still see a black page with no login options whatsoever…

    Hi Giri,

    Did you install a plugin to change the login URL or did you change name of the physical directory?

    You can FTP to the server and fix the problem!

    Thank you. I don’t really remember but I think all I did was to hide wp-admin to login (as it was advised to changed it)… but now I can’t access it via wp. I can access my files still via cyberduck so I don’t know what I do from here…

    IF you can login visa cyberduck FTP, login and see what directories you see under wordpress/. May be wp-admin got renamed to some word like login…
    Try renaming the directory back to wp-admin via cyberduck.

    Try installing a plugin to rename the directories…

    By the way: Not a good idea to rename the wp-admin directory and/or wp-login.php! please read:

    Can use some plugin to secure admin/login directory/pages: You could look at:

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    if you are getting 404 on login, you may also want to follow this ticket:

    Thank you for the suggestions but I am still not able to access my wp-admin. Via my Cyberduck FTP I can see a folder called ‘wp-admin’… there are two other files (outside of this wp-admin’ folder) that are called: ‘wp-signup.php’ and ‘wp-login.php’ I don’t recall doing anything with them…
    As for changing ‘wp-admin’ to something else (in my case it was ‘login’ was because, some suggested that ‘wp-admin’ will be manipulated easily or hacked so it is better to change to something else. But I didn’t think I would come to face such a trouble as I am having now.

    Hi giri,

    What about the ‘login’ folder? Is it still there?

    is ‘wp-admin’ directory/folder still named ‘login’ or have you changed the name back to ‘wp-admin’?

    Are all the files in wp-admin folder there?
    Once you check then, please flush your server cache (if it is enabled, most probably it is!)

    Hi Giri,

    Can you please send a list of directories you have on wordpress root installation folder and plugins you have installed on your website?

    To find a plugin you may go to directoty “/wp-content/plugins”.

    Gary Zalariya
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    Hello @giri2nepal,

    Simply renaming the wp-admin folder will not work, you will break couple of things on your site and it won’t function properly.

    You should probably use some other robust approach to protect your admin area.

    Here is a good tutorial in this regards.

    13 Vital Tips and Hacks to Protect Your WordPress Admin Area

    Hey Giri,

    Any success so far? Hope you solve the problem soon or solved already!

    in “/wp-content/plugins” I have the following folders:
    (index.php) just a file
    (hello.php) just a file

    @wooninjas – no I did’t simply rename wp-admin, no one in their right mind does that…

    @yoga1103 – no solution as yet…

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    Try MANUALLY updating to the latest version 4.4.1.

    Download a fresh copy of the WordPress .zip file to your computer, unzip it, and use that to copy up all files and folders EXCEPT the wp-config.php file and the /wp-content/ directory. You may need to delete the old wp-admin and wp-includes folders and files on your server before uploading the new ones. Read the Manual Update directions first.
    Backup: If you haven’t already done, always backup everything (including your database) before doing any actions, just in case something really goes wrong.

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