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  • Something is very broken on your site in that case. There’s no way that switching in one browser can affect a separate browser.

    Your best is to try to deactivate your other plugins one by one, starting with anything related to caching, to see if you can identify the culprit.

    Also, clearing all your browser cookies might help too.

    Are you trying to use same emailaddress for the users?

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    @ wipit ab
    yes, have been using different e-mail addresses with passw. and different user rolls

    @ ren
    Very odd indeed. I used edge, safari, chrome and firefox and all of them did the same. login A, logout A, Try to login with B, but get logged in with A instead.

    Now I’ve deleted Litespeed Cashe.. and now the problem is solved! So it seems Litespeed kept session active attached to IP or something (my guess as a total noob). Very strange.

    So in time, when website is ready, will find another cache plugin to optimize some of it 🙂

    Thank you guys for the respons

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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