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  • Try renaming .htaccess to test.htaccess in the root of

    Assuming you get logged in properly, do a Save of Permalinks, which should write a new .htaccess file for you.


    What’s “a Save of Permalinks”?


    From the Admin panel of WordPress, look in the left sidebar. If necessary, click the down arrow beside “Settings” to expand the drop-down menu. Then click on Permalinks.

    Click the Save Changes button.

    Okay, thanks. I tried and still no dice

    BUT, when I tried I got the login screen, but after I put in the login and password and hit enter I get rerouted to (without trailing “/”) and then I get the broken link message.

    So, that trailing “/” is a problem when it was never necessary before.

    If “/” is the problem, I would recommend using phpMyAdmin to go into your WordPress database. Browse table wp_options. Look at entries for the following (option_name value):

    • siteurl – make sure it has NO trailing “/”
    • permalink_structure = make sure it HAS both leading and trailing “/”
    • home – make sure it has NO trailing “/”

    It probably isn’t your problem, but take no chances and be sure that siteurl and home are “” without the www.

    I’m also presuming here that you are positively sure that WordPress is installed in the root, not in a folder.

    Okay. I have another question. In your post you said look for entries in “option_name value”

    My “” looks like it is in “option_value” – that is, it’s in the big box at the bottom. The field that looks like option_name Value has “siteurl”

    I checked siteurl, permalink_structure, and home – all has what you described in the big box at the bottom.

    Now, I can’t access any of the inner pages of the website, with or without trailing “/”

    for example:

    My guess is this is because there is currently no .htaccess file since I’ve renamed it(?)

    I am positive that this WP is installed in the root, though I have other installations in folders as well. This was never a problem for a year or more.

    Yes, option_name is where the string “siteurl” lives. option_value is where the value defined for siteurl lives.

    Yes, you need the .htaccess file to access as that is a Permalink that WordPress was “manufactured” for you. There really is no such folder as /instructions/

    I’m not going to be able to help you with the actual contents of .htaccess which is probably your problem at this point. Hopefully, someone else will answer at this point. If not, after an hour or so, try posting a new topic where you display the contents of .htaccess if it is not too long, and report the problem again there, with a link to this thread.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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